"Yesterday and Today" for last week and this weekend.


- Sick day continued. A read from his Biology book, Chapter 2.
- No crew.


- Math tutor, Algebra. Remember to make copies for the tutor.
- Read: Biology Chapters 2 & 3.
- Work on ISEE prep.
- Crew.

- Evening: Cellular Reproduction Quiz.


- ISEE tutor, morning. A did not do root words. Test is 2 weeks away.
- No Anatomy class due to ISEE tutor scheduled at the same time. (N. offered to sell us one of her high school-grade microscopes; remind her that we'd like one).
- Read: Biology Chapter 3.
- Guitar instruction, 1/2 hour. (electric guitar bridge was fixed, $50)

- Evening: We watched "Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed." Totally and utterly and unintentionally hilarious horror film with Peter Cushing (remember him from Stars Wars IV?).


- Fencing. Coach tells A he should switch from foil to epee; A is overjoyed. He gets to attack all points on his opponent with epee, A reports to me.
- Film: "Mary Shelley's Frankenstein" with Kennegh Branagh, Al Pacino, Helena Bonham-Carter.

A received two acceptances in the mail today: Photography class on Saturday afternoons (no conflict with fencing) and DNA class which takes place 2x/week, midweek.

Rest of the afternoon: A sick again and has fever. Bedrest and usual remedies. "I think it was that buffet place we went to after Boston," reports A. So, it is my duty to tell you: beware the buffet stop after Boston! We will eat dinner in Boston next time.


- No Boston trip, A is too sick to go; e-mail sent out to the instructors; awaiting handouts via e-mail.
- Listened to Zakir Hussain raga on CD that came with boxed Indian food (India Kitchen's Pav Bhaji, if you must know).
- Writing Class essay. ??? It's due tomorrow.

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