Crikey...what can I say?

Incredibly sad, we are, in the LaMai household.

He will be missed.


Calletta said...

This really blew me away. I so loved watching his show!

Princess Ennui said...

I saw this first as a "breaking news" item on the morning news show. I kept staring at it wondering if it was some kind of joke or publicity stunt. Even now, I keep hoping that's what it is/was.
I can't believe it...I keep singing the Crocodile Hunter song from The Wiggles. Much sadness in my heart for the loss of such a good egg.

L said...

Sarabelle came home from school that day with the news. I thought it must be some bizarre rumor. Kids, right? Then I turned on my computer and saw it posted on Yahoo.

His boat's right down at the marina.

We too are shocked and deeply saddened.

But if you come for a visit, while you wait for your bags to appear on the luggage carousel, you will be treated to, and hopefully cheered by, Steve stalking the killer quarantine beagle through the airport. Very funny. That's how I'll remember him.