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So glad that I have that built-in guilt reflex whenever I drink a glass of wine. Where does that come from? Culturally, ethnically -- I should not have such a gene. For example, last night. I opened a bottle of Chateau Michel Someseeng or Ozerrr, when on glass number two I started thinking about poaching some Bosc pears I purchased last week in the remaining wine. No, I should not enjoy this wine so much. Must be resourceful. So I poached pears last night for tonight's dessert. No more wine. But I was sufficiently mellow to feel guilty enough about feeling so mellow, so I began organizing my financials and Alexander's school applications. For hours.

Until 1 a.m.


The other night, we watched Camille Claudel, a film by Bruno Nuytten, starring Isabelle Adjani and Gérard Depardieu (The Highest-Paid Actor in France™). A watched it from beginning to end -- a feat, since it is a period film, in French. Victor Hugo, a character we do not even see anywhere on the celluloid, dies. Everyone wears black. Camille finds a piece of Greek marble. "She'll break it. She won't know how to sculpt from it," say the men. Camille produces The Most Beautiful Foot Ever out of it. A was riveted to the movie. Camille and Rodin are fighting, yelling at each other. Then A turns to me. Who was Dreyfus?


I am reading Zadie Smith's On Beauty.

A is reading the backs of boxes of Zatarain's. Just kidding. That would make us unschoolers, wouldn't it?

Just kidding again! Hah hah! Oh, mes pauvres amis du monde d'unschooling, suffering under the humor of LaMai...

I love unschoolers.

Y & T:


- Finish Writing Class essay.
- Writing class.
- Math class.
- Crew.

Evening film: Finish watching Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.


Tuesday is Sunday (Free Day).

- Study Biology Ch. 5.
- Study handouts from M.I.T.

Tonight: Discuss Biology chapters together.

Evening film - Noam Chomsky: Rebel Without a Pause. (we are not necessarily Chomsky fans, we're just learning about him for later discussion; I promise we'll watch a film about Fidel Castro. So taboo in my family)

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Ave said...

Absoutely love your blog. Your writings inspired me to take the plunge and start my own. Great stuff!