We Want Our Metrocard - The Musical

So, the NYC homeschooling group to which we belong came up with a form letter to request the Metrocards from our Homeschooling Coordinator ("HC"). I promptly e-mailed ours to the HC this morning, before Pete Yorn, and attached our LOI and IHIP to the e-mail, just to refresh her mind that we're following the rules.

If you are a first-timer to this site, if you click on any given photo/image in an entry, there might be a link to something. Like, maybe the way I really feel about whatever/whoever it is I have written about. For instance, the "Caution" sign of two entries ago. Yes, that one. Oh. No. She. Didn't.

Anyhoo, I am too busy doing our schedule to talk about anything substantive, educationally. If you want substantive, go to Becky in Alberta's site. She's super-intelligent, and is a Trinity alumna. Or if you're feeling the wanderlust (like, um, a certain neighbor of mine who homeschools), check out RoadSchola.

I plan to re-join my knitting group. I so miss them. I have started cooking with passion again. Last night I made Les Hachis Parmentier (a Frenchi-fied version of Shepherd's Pie). Two nights ago, it was stuffed eggplant with five-mushroom (cremini, porcini, shitake, oyster, and baby portabella) sauce fettuccine. This morning, we had hot oatmeal in whole organic milk (I hate fat free anything), with organic raspberries, creamed honey, and ginger maple syrup from our local farmer's market. I also bought garlic flowers from our farmer's market, and they really made our zucchini/organic red and yellow heirloom tomato/white pepper and regular salt/French goat cheese omelet taste great. Is it a wonder that I work out every day? I am eating like King Henry VIII.

And, oh yes, I am going to France for a few days. Hornblower, please hold my hand on this one.


Hornblower said...

O. M. G.
This calls for major girlie squealing!!!

Becky said...

Erm, are you going to France to visit someone? To wow someone with some wow sounding cooking? Ditto that major girlie squealing! Bonne chance, cherie, and amuse-toi TRES bien lol.

Becky, blushing furiously at the compliment by the way (although maybe the compliment belongs to ye olde alma mater...)

Calletta said...

Ack! OMG is right! Have fun in France! (Dare I add a *wink*?)

la Maitresse said...

I forgot to add, Hornblower and Calletta, you are two hot chicks. Becky, your birdie is hot.

I am in awe of organic farmers, and swear by my farmers market (every Wednesday and Saturday!). Becky, I bow honorably to you.

Princess Ennui said...

I was so focused on the gastronomical delights that I missed the going to France bit more than once (ok, I suppose that's also because I should have been there in a week and won't be).

Woohoo for you...I like the traveling hottie idea :)

la Maitresse said...

Thank you, Hottie Princess Ennui!