Boston, the 4-hour Bus Ride, and the Infinite Corridor.

So, we went to Boston this weekend. We took that un-named Asian bus company that takes you to Boston and back cheaply. Yeah, the company whose bus flipped over in Connecticut recently.

I had no clue what I'd do there besides drop off A at his class at Prestigiously Prestigious Science Institution (PPSI). While there, I tried to find a visitor's computer to check my e-mail. It's PPSI, right? They ought to have an abundance of computers everywhere. Yes. Everywhere. Spilling over with computers. PCs, Macs, you name it. Of course, they'll have a visitor's one for me. I'll just surf until A's class is over. Four hours from now. I approach a sweet-faced PPSI student.

"Um, no, you'll need a password to use the computers here at PPSI. And you won't have a password unless you're a PPSI student."
"Oh. Oh, well. My son and I came up from New York City, just to take this class, and um, I left my laptop in New York, as well."
"Okay. I'll log in for you. It's just e-mail, right?"
[Me thinking, great, I can BLOG from here!] "Um, yes."

PPSI student who logged me on with her password actually stood next to me while I checked my e-mail. Meh. "How do I log you out?" I asked, two minutes after I logged on.

Four hours. I checked the bulletin board along the Infinite Corridor. Noam Chomsky is giving a talk on Thursday. Noam Chomsky. Wow.

That other Big-Name School Down The Road shouldn't be too far to walk, right? It's only two stops on the Red Line. Okay, I nearly died walking to BNSDTR. It was sunny this weekend. Next time, I'll just sit and have brunch. Need to find a good brunch place. Maybe meet some single Bostonian guys. Or visit Calletta. Or something.

But will A really continue his class in Boston on the weekends? I got a call on my cell phone from A, a full hour-and-a-half earlier than I anticipated.

"Done so soon?"
"Yeah. We're done. Mom, I LOVE Boston. Can we live here? I don't mind the bus ride."

Sigh. I guess I'll get all my knitting projects done.


Melissa said...

Last time I was that direction, there was a public use terminal in the science center at Harvard. There's also an "ok to spend hours there" cafe in the MIT student center, directly across from that big main building. if you are interested in science, the MIT library has a little reading room, with copies of all the current science publications out to browse.

Calletta said...

Let me know, and I'll come into town for a visit. I miss living in the thick of it!

Those buses also catch fire with alarming regularity. . .

Used to live near MIT. Walking from there to H, yeah, they're "close" but it's very roundabout and on a hot day--forget it.

la Maitresse said...

Hey, thanks Melissa and Calletta! Calletta, give me another few visits so that I get the "hang" of things, and I'll definitely hit you up! In the meantime, do you have any recommendations for brunch venues??????

Calletta said...

Hmm. Depends on cost, crowds, atmosphere, and distance. S&S is the closest to MIT (that I can think of), but still isn't very close. Jewish deli, always crowded, but pretty good food. http://sandsrestaurant.com/

The Greenhouse is in Harvard Square. Also always really crowded, but inexpensive, good breakfasts.

Henrietta's Table is generally considered "the best brunch in Cambridge." More expensive, may need a reservation. http://www.henriettastable.com/

Harvest is in Harvard Square as well. Similar to Henrietta's Table, but they don't have brunch on Saturdays, only lunch. http://www.harvestcambridge.com/

If you get adventurous enough to cross the river, you can try Trident or Sonsie on Newbury Street (both down near Hynes T stop on the Green Line).