Well, Kiss My Brass.

A: "Hello Mom?"
Me: "Yes, hon?"
A: "Um, Bette Midler is here."
Me: "Huh?"
A: "Yes. Bette Midler is here. At the boathouse."
Me: "You mean The Divine Miss M. Bette Midler?"
A: "Yeah. My coach just introduced me to her. She sponsors the boathouse, apparently."
Me: "Oh. Wow. How nice of her to drop by."
A: "Yeah. There are all these schi schi-dressed ladies here with her."
Me: "Ah. Okay. I would imagine any lady accompanying Bette Midler would be dressed schi-schi, yes?"
A: "Yeah, I guess. She's got blond hair. Another kid was introduced to her. And he said, Oh, hi, and walked off like he didn't know who she was."

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