more thoughtlessness...

This class of A's originally met on Friday mornings, 10 a.m. until 11 a.m. They have been meeting for about three weeks now. Then this email arrived in my inbox:

"Science students,

I wanted to suggest something about each of our next two meetings.

This Friday I think we can try to do both experiment X.1 and X.2, so you might want to read them -- at least quickly -- before you come.

Then next week, by our now slightly advanced syllabus schedule, we should be bringing the third module to a close with a review on Thursday and the exam on Friday. I suggest that we start the fourth module on Thursday, then get together for a review on Friday afternoon at 3:30 or Saturday afternoon sometime, take the exam for that module on Monday, continuing with the fourth module on Tuesday. (XXX and I won't be here in the morning on that Friday, but we will be in the afternoon.) Is this clear as mud?!?"

So, the class meeting times are totally re-arranged, and again, we are faced with a parent/teacher who assumes my child's schedule is so flexible that Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and/or Saturday are somehow available for my child to participate in this class!!!!

Seriously, it makes me wonder what DO other homeschoolers do with the rest of their week?

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lizm said...

That's bizarre! and this teacher has an infinitely flexible schedule too? this would make my head spin.