Sick Day No. 2.

Has us watching movies.

We watched GATTACA last night. I had not seen it, it's good, and yes, the letters stand for codons in a DNA sequence. There are also other subtle references to the double helix throughout the film.

Today will also be a non-crew day. A simply needs his rest (which means lots of studying, heh heh). Yesterday the dog nanny picked up Napoleon for his walk. She doesn't charge me much, but some things she does do concern me. Like, the time she took Napoleon to her place--a practice which I allow--and falling asleep for several hours--a practice which I do not allow.

This morning we prepped dinner, hachis parmentier again, with our la rattes. I almost was adventurous enough to try our purple Peruvians instead, but not this time. I also tend to repeat certain foods so that A learns to make them on his own. A prepped the la rattes this morning by boiling them, mashing them while adding heavy cream, butter, herbes de Provence, nutmeg, and salt and pepper. While I tend to use Gruyère to top the dish, today we're using Swiss cheese. We've used it before, and it has turned out fine.

I am wondering if I should enroll in their course. The first availability is in March 2007. Hmmm...

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