"All things being equal...

...always choose a woman over a man.

Women have more to prove than men, and they'll work much harder proving it. They work differently from men, their style is more collaborative, and they know how to read between the lines. Women are pragmatic, much more likely than men to tell the truth, and they're definitely more fun to work with. Besides, choosing a woman puts you on the cutting edge, since women are taking over anyway." - Barbara Corcoran, in If You Don't Have Big Breasts, Put Ribbons On Your Pigtails

I could not agree more.

And don't forget, it was the women's team on The Apprentice that kept beating the guys (even with some of the annoying women team members still on the team). It was only when their collaboration was broken up that women actually lost on that show.


A's latest Writing Strands entry:

"Half-Kitten, Half-Duckling"

The kitten saw the duckling eat corn. It went over to try and eat some, too. Once it took a small morsel of corn in its mouth, it knew it hated anything vegetarian. A few weeks later, it realized that to become a duckling, it had to get used to vegetarian foods.

Later one morning, the ducklings swam in the pond. The kitten went over to swim in the pond with the ducklings. Before it could actually purposely "touch" the water, it fell in the pond. The kitten nearly drowned. A while later, it was trying to swim in the water, it found a rock underwater that it could push off from. When the kitten saw the other ducklings follow their mother, it quickly followed.

That's when it had an urge. An urge to kill. It wanted to eat the ducklings! It fought back the urge though, telling itself "ducks are not cannibals"! When the ducklings saw the kitten chase a mouse, they ignored what happened. Why? Because even though they thought of the kitten as one of their own, they knew it was different.

They knew a duckling can't have fur - only feathers.
They knew a duckling didn't have paws - but wings and webbed feet.
They knew that this kitten wasn't part fo the duck family, but the ducklings would have to get used to him.


Alexander has protested about/asked me why I posted the above Barbara Corcoran quote. "If all things are equal, then everybody is equal."

OK, ok...you win, Alexander.

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