Troy - the movie

We saw it last night.

Response from the audience first 10 seconds after movie finished: Applause.

Response from collegiate girls sitting to our right after movie finished: "Inspired by Homer's Iliad? Yeah right! That was soooo not the Iliad!!! Hah hah hah!"

Response from A on exiting theater: "Erm...Paris didn't do that at the end. And Agamemnon doesn't die in Troy. And Petroklus wasn't Achilles' cousin. And Hektor didn't die like that, either."

Response from Maitresse on exiting theater: "Why didn't they show that Helen had a son in Sparta? Would have made the tragedy more tragic."

Response from moviegoers outside theater: [father to son] "...and Priam's end is not portrayed in the Iliad like that in the movie." [son] "Who is Priam?" [father] "ah...forget it."

Response from girl moviegoers outside theater: "Orlando was sooooooo hot!!!! Oh my god!"

Yeah, Brad wasn't too bad either, I might add.

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