la résistance, part deux (or trois?)

Man, A is resisting my direction more and more. If one particular area of A's studies is an issue, the result is a résistance...like a balloon, fully-inflated yet forcibly squeezed until one very weird part of the balloon wants to explode.

He's better behaved than most of the public school kids in Manhattan that I know, but it's so frustrating when I say, "OK, do this" and it doesn't get done.

I am venting. I know.

A is really, REALLY hating Math right now. "Do workbook Exercise such-and-such," I'll instruct. A glare is what I get in return. I know that Singapore Math can be a pain, but not as much of a pain as other programs. "Should I have gotten Saxon Math? Should I venture into Saxon country now?" I wonder.

I know puberty is a huge part of it. I know this. "I am becoming a man right now. Can't you tell?"

I know you are. But I need you more child-like and malleable, my darling.

I have rented Standard Deviants courtesy of Mentura, to assist Pre-Algebra studies. And I'm ordering Wiggly Woods (or whatever it's called) from Singapore Math as a supplement.

What worries me is the Stanford EPGY program we are now starting. Will he be up to par? Will la résistance ensue to an all-out revolution?


In other news, I am happy about the Palme d'Or awarded to Michael Moore. Yes, he's a nutcase, and I doubt the film is actually Palme d'Or "quality" - but the nine-member judging panel at Cannes (only one being French) made a statement. I agree with it. I don't like censorship.


I am doing the Mango Lassi diet. Something you will not be able to find on Google.


Why does everyone in Manhattan carry a Citarella (the artist/food store formerly known as Ballducci's) plastic shopping bag lately? Including the homeless people? Good lord, give me back Balducci's (currently known as Sutton Place Gourmet. Ech).

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