and then there's Friday...

We arrived late, after stopping at my life insurance company's office to "fix" something in my policy. So late was our arrival to A's marine sci internship, that we literally missed the boat. The boat to examine oyster traps, that is.

So, the head intern asked A, "Could you measure this tubful of oysters and log them?" "Erm...sure," replied A. He sat down and got to work.



In the meantime, Catherine has been missing in action. I called her; no response. I hope she's O.K.

There is a French summer camp in our area run by some folks who give CNED prep (French education exam preparation for kids outside of France). They promised me that there are teenagers in their camp; with A's staggering growth, it's an issue. We will probably enroll in that camp.


A is really fascinated with the whole Cashflow 101 game. We are thinking about getting the e-game, only I am hoping it looks NOTHING like the characters at www.richkidsmartkid.com.


A and I watched "Robinson Crusoe" starring Pierce Brosnan last night. Alexander looooooved Friday. Loooved him. Pierce Brosnan did a terrible job in the film, though (considering his 007 status - he doesn't do well with the teary-eyed moments). Story was still o.k.


Got an e-mail from the gym saleswoman downtown. I am considering switching gyms and writing it off as a business expense. "Call me, OK? Can't wait to see you!" Yeah, honey, I know you want my bucks.

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