Beowulf post-lesson 1


- Read the next paragraph (for us, in Seamus Heaney's edition, that would be on page 5, lines 26-52).
- Underline any words not already familiar (we have underlined "revered," "ring-whorled prow," "furbished," "bewailing," and "battle tackle").
- Explain what is happening in the paragraph so that you understand it and can explain it to someone else.

Next day:

We read the passage, and A explains to me what is happening in the narrative based on his work the day/night before. I further explain what background information I have for the particular passage, or for wherever we are in the poem, and we discuss the importance of the passage in the overall story (what is the poet trying to do here?).

It's an "agony/ecstasy" way to learn. A bit tedious to do, but enjoyability level is high.


In other news, your Maitresse has reverted to her former almost-Nigella Lawson status, and is busy in the kitchen again. Today I discovered the sublime simplicity of mixing garbanzo beans, artichoke hearts (chopped), grape tomatoes (halved), fresh basil, scallions, dried tomatoes (sliced), fresh pepper and some sea salt with a home-made Dijon vinaigrette, topped with shaved parmesan (the size of pieces of paper). Anybody for salad?

I am otherwise still pestering the Big Sweet East Indian Guy at Cafe Spice at Grand Central for his mango lassi recipe. Stay tuned.

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