yesterday and today

This is what we did yesterday:

What Every 6th Grader Should Know - Grammar, pp 61 - 62.
Writing Strands pp 20-21 (Day One).
Logic - Case of Red Herrings Book A2 pp 1-2. (please note we're "over" Wilson's Logic and Red Herrings A1)
History Outline - Kingfisher History -
Violin studies (violin teacher named A his most promising student. blush, blush).


Standard Deviants - Rings, Kings & Things (video)
Introduction to Beowulf - Beowulf translation by Seamus Heaney - pp ix-xxx.
Singapore Science
Singapore Math
Wordly Wise Lesson Test 15
Writing Strands (Day Two, etc. as homework).

We've jumped to Beowulf because Alexander alrady read the Trojan War and the Iliad. Twice. We will continue Iliad commentary while exploring Beowulf.

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