admissions (and maybe some breaking news)

First admission: I do not visit the WTM discussion boards. I used to, but I have enough addictions at the moment. Caffeine, shopping for academic books, and blogging, suffice.

Second admission: A and I moved to a location outside New York City. We maintain our NYC address, as well. We were desperate to be surrounded by nature as we had been in Florida- a need for trees and grass and squirrels and deer and quiet from the club noise outside our bedroom window in Chelsea. I found a location that offers that, but is populated with plenty of City folk. There is a possibility that A will begin studies at the new area (gasp) school at our undisclosed location, and we will then become WTM afterschoolers. I have been grappling with this issue, and the only consolation I can find is that it will be a temporary solution to a temporary inconvenience. This is due to my having to finish law school and not take 10,000 years to do it. I also acknowledge that I am the only breadwinner in the house and maybe this solution is OK for now.

I spoke to someone recently about this, and the first question I was asked was, "What about the blog?" Well, that's easy.

As homeschoolers, we have utilized the River Project, Catherine, the Japan Society, swimming and sailing instructors, and other instructors - who fill in the gaps. I am still la Maitresse. And I still write a mean curriculum. I am still here.

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