A's first week as a WTM afterschooler

...has gone well so far. The newest language that he is learning is Spanish. With French under his belt (it's been 7 years of French studies now) and Latin from this past homeschooling year (which we are continuing this year with Minimus), he reports that he is *loving* Spanish. Advanced Math at the institutional school does not seem to be a problem, what with Singapore Math and EPGY supplements in our afterschooling program. I do, however, admit that there appear to be gaps with his Math - or maybe A just forgot some of his work with fractions last year. Science seems okay, although the 7th grade science textbook looks more like my university biology textbook.

I remember how in 6th grade I had a 15-question test on evolution. That was it. The test was, in retrospect, pretty dumbed down. How times have changed.
I am wondering if someone could possibly homeschool me in my legal studies. One of the attorneys at BigLaw actually sat the Bar without ever attending a law school. She apprenticed her way to BigLaw in the 1960s. Which is surprising, as BigLaw recruits primarily from Yale, Harvard, NYU, Columbia and Stanford law schools. If someone at BigLaw accepted me as an apprentice student, I'd have a salary (hopefully) and no more tuition worries. Sigh.

Tomorrow, Catherine.

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Anonymous said...

Can you still sit the Bar without law school? What a cool idea!