During A's lesson today, I bumped into my friend, Guitar Guy, and his girlfriend (who is a sweetie) at Whole Foods supermarket (also known as Incredibly Prohibitively Expensive Organic Food Store Which is Why You Only See Rich Botoxed Women and Their Nannies Shopping There). We were across the street from Central Park. Guitar guy's girlfriend recommended that me and A go to an audio-assisted public art installation ...where else, in the Park! The exhibit was free to the public but booked beyond belief. We decided to head to Strawberry Fields. I gave A a Central Park map, and allowed him to take me down...

Believe it or not, I had forgotten what day it was today.

The Imagine mosaic was surrounded by a larger-than-usual crowd of people and their pets. We sat down on a bench. The mosaic itself covered in roses. The roses were configured around the mosaic to form a peace sign. A bespectacled guitar player continually churned out Beatles/Lennon tunes.

Me: "Wow. He seems to know every single Beatles song from memory."
A: "I think he has a tiny Beatles anthology on sheet music somewhere in his glasses."
Me: "OK. How does he turn the pages?"
A: "They turn automatically in his glasses once he's done with a song."



Anonymous said...

Please check your spelling after "audio-assisted." If it *is* spelled right, then that must have been some show. {wink}

-- Heidi

P.S. Great web site - thanks for putting it together.

la Maitresse said...

HAH HAH HAH....OK, it's edited.