Maitresse's Totally Useless But Interesting section

Found this tonight.

Notice the "cartoons" link directs you to some very, very anti-American and anti-Semitic stuff; I do not, therefore, endorse the publication at all. I DO think the first 3/4 of the article is otherwise enlightening. The rest is useless.


And yeah, the random chicken site.


R J Keefe said...

Anti-Semitic? That's what they say. But it's really quite strictly anti-Israeli, or rather anti-Sharonist; I'm sure that there are thousands of Israelis who would privately concur with the sentiments expressed. The anti-American cartoons seem similar focused: not anti-American, just anti-Cheney (shorthand for unconscious imperialist).

la Maitresse said...

It is not strictly anti-Israeli. Take note of the link entitled "Jews and Israelis controlling the U.S. Government." We've historically heard that sort of talk "Jews control the world and banks" talk before, and that is dangerous. I do understand what you mean about it intending to be political, but it is not entirely.