Back from Luzern (Lucerne)

Sorry I gave no warning; I took off to Switzerland to attend a friend's wedding. I roomed with the groom's family, a lively group of jokemeisters freshly flown in from Australia. An excerpt of a conversation on the wedding bus from Pax Montana to Weggis:

Aussie child on bus: "Dad, do you know what an 'Ausfahrt' is?"
Aussie dad: "It's those exit ramp signs on the road."
Aussie child: "No, dad, they're the farts that we Aussies make. Oz. Faaaaaht. Because all Aussies fart."
Aussie aunt on bus: "Don't tell the Swiss, dear."


Donna said...

Good. I missed you.

Calletta said...

Did you go see the lion?

la Maitresse said...

Unfortunately, I didn't, although I know about the lion. I didn't go to the Picasso Museum, either. The trip was too short! : (

Calletta said...

Tant pis! We came upon the lion completely by accident--we saw a bunch of people walking that way and said to one another, "Well, there must be something over there." (I was, oddly enough, traveling with a group of Australians myself, and they were, as they would have said, "real crack ups.")