Guess what.

I brought A with me. And I told plenty a concert-goer that he is my kid and he's "What? How old? 11? No way! Your mom is cool!" (How did I become the cool mom? No way). There was some Creatures music, some Banshees. Happy House, Arabian Nights, Dear Prudence (yay), Kiss Them For Me. I heard Killing Jar was played last night.

The show had some educational value. Leonard Eto played Japanese drums throughout. And Siouxsie's music likes historical references, such as the one about King Canute (you know, the Anglo-Saxon king who ruled in 1016).

With the new New York smoking laws, the venue was pretty clean, and no whiffs of any herb gardening anywhere.

And Siouxsie has a big head. Physically speaking, that is. I suppose that's what happens when we age. Although Budgie looks the same.

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