Trip too short (where did the Alps go?)

Random ramblings...

My lady's razor remained in my purse while I went through security at JFK. No one pointed it out or confiscated it.

At Zurich airport, I was told to put Alexander's new engraved Swiss Army knife in my check-in luggage. My lady's razor remained in my purse while I went through security in Zurich. No one pointed it out or confiscated it.

The most recent issue of Der Spiegel had Hitler on the cover.

The wedding bus was the most fun, and the most ridiculous-looking piece of wooden machinery ever. Sunflowers attached in the front, the gawks and smiles we got from street bystanders alone were worth the trip.

Swiss buildings and houses are largely architecturally dull (plain-jane). Who cares? The scenery is spectacular.

Children walk/bike home from school. On the regular roads. Sometimes alone. No one seems to worry much about safety.

Starbucks. McDonald's. Claire's. Western Union. Morgan Stanley. Some joint called New York Pizza.

Gary Jules' cover of "Mad World" by Tears for Fears on the radio is actually one of the most beautiful pieces of music I've heard.

Cows are able to graze on hills that are almost completely vertical.

The graffiti that adorns Swiss buildings and railways actually looks artistic.

Those men who blow Alpenhorn really exist.

A salsa band at Pax Montana? And it was actually a good one? OK. Maybe I could even live there.

Hispanic and Asian food in Lucerne? And it was actually pretty good? OK. Maybe I could really live there.

Mojitos and capirinhas? OK. I am so there.

Man cannot live on spaetzle alone.


Anonymous said...

Just had to give a whoohoo for the appearance of the word 'spaetzle' in your blog. I've hand made them once. They're not the simplest meal to just whip up.


L said...

I liked traveling with my key ring and attached plastic, key-shaped promotional item that concealed a razor knife, just to test the screeners. They never caught it. Then my husband took it off and threw it away to keep me out of trouble.

"Oz faaaaaht" Ach du lieber!

Your cinema club sounds like fun. Will you be publishing any more film guides?

la Maitresse said...


As for film guides, I don't know if I'll publish more yet. As educators and parents, I think we're able to get a feel for the types of questions our kids can handle, or what spin we'd prefer to put in an assignment. We've also done West Side Story, The Red Balloon, and Spirited Away for Cinema Club but otherwise we just watch films and critique them. I'm currently checking out our Netflix queue for more Cinema Club inspiration...