Hey Joe

So I am taking the plunge. I am sitting at the computer at 1:45 a.m. loaded with caffeine and writing a proposal to the New York Times. I am trying my hand at writing. For...um...pay.

It seems I have made friends with too many reporters than I can count, who have been friendly enough to lend me their advice. "Go to Media Bistro!" said one. I did, and not just virtually to www.mediabistro.com. I signed up for an in-person course the same evening at their offices in that trendy part of Manhattan. Another writer offered help with my proposals, and shared some of his current working ideas (one of which I'd like to steal and make into a screenplay, but I don't know if that sort of idea-thievery is allowed. I think I'd have to talk to him about that one).

Then there is the book deal. I can't say much yet as I am still in Proposal Land. But do send me your good vibes, please. This is La Mai, who created a community of NaNoWriMo writers but who herself did not finish her writing goal for that month.

This week, I asked A to write out his own questions for a Genetics test for this week. I am happy that he is enjoying his latest subject in his science studies. I always received good grades in genetics, so I don't feel too retarded to teach him that subject.

A has taken to learning whatever he can about Jimi Hendrix. The idea of racism is bothering him, too.

Napoleon, our Weimeraner, has been sneaking up to beds in the middle of the night and squeezing himself in. Fall is arriving, as is the colder weather, so I don't mind one bit.

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