Me and A drove up to the Catskills this past weekend. Of course, I went with my rock and roll crew. Joey's mother led me to the mountains, Joey's onetime girlfriend showed me around.

Joey, Joey, Joey.

Then we caught a glimpse of a picture of Jimi Hendrix in Woodstock village. A was in heaven. "Can I tie a sash around my head to look just like him?" He died of a drug overdose, I told him. "I know. But he was a great musician." True.

We looked at the mountain land. I was smitten. I really was.

"Guess who is in town buying cupcakes?" said the Girlfriend.
Who? I asked.

Ah. It was all she needed to say, as A has a total crush on Ms. Thurman.

So A is totally clobbering Chemistry. Will post a sample test here shortly.

I was filmed for a rock documentary on Sunday afternoon, and tomorrow, I interview with MOJO Magazine. When will this madness end? Do I want it to?

Life is taking a strange turn for me. And I actually like it.

I am addicted to the Rockstar INXS show, which airs shortly, so tah-tah. I am rooting for MiG or Marty.

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