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Chemistry Test #1

10% weight for each question, for a total of 100%.

1. In what year did Dmitri Mendeleev come up with the periodic table of the elements? How did he do it? What is a periodic pattern?

2. Name the first 30 naturally occurring elements in the Periodic Table, with abbreviations and atomic number for each:

(space for 1-30)

3. Build orbitals for Hydrogen, Fluorine, Aluminum, Sulfur, and Chlorine. Draw an orbital configuration for each.

4. What is an isotope?

5. What is ionization energy? Where do we find high ionization energies on the periodic table?

6. What is an alkali metal?

7. Define electron affinity. Where do we find the denizens of low electron affinity on the periodic table?

8. What is a halogen?

9. What is the "rule of eight"?

10. Atomic theory has been called…. “ .”

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