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A little while ago I asked A to take out Napoleon for his midday walk. A never shirks his responsibilities, and I frequently find him finding new chores to do. But he hesitated. "So today is a half-day?" Ah, I see. You're afraid someone will ask you why you're not in school. You just need to "own" it. You homeschool. That's that.

When A and Napoleon returned, I got this feedback:

"We saw punk kids outside!"

hah, hah, hah....

What we're studying in Genetics today:

- Gene squares with 16 outcomes.
- The Principle of Independent Assortment (for genes with double sets of alleles).

I chuckle on looking at a cartoon in our Genetics book. It shows a woman hugging a man, with the caption: So now you know what a geneticist means by "phenotypically smooth, genotypically heterozygous." The woman responds, "Yes, now tell me about recombinant bank accounts."

Modern Social Studies/History:

- The dynamics behind WWI. We are going to take a while on this one.


- Images of vases and other containers(again). A made a joke today. "So, wine and water were mixed in amphoras...so we can call it Amphora Light?"

Yes, we know that kraters were actually used for the mixing, but it was worth the laugh...


- Listening to the Beatles, specifically, John Lennon, and Bob Marley tunes. What similarities - themes? lyrics? - are in their music?

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