A little dark humor

There is no drama at Pete's Pond. We have been watching the Pond a lot. Surely, the animals themselves are cute and interesting, and A will soon be writing his findings after one week's worth of Pond observation. But Last Feast of the Crocodiles, the Pond isn't.

So, to make Pete Pond's more interesting for the viewing audience, I offer these suggestions:

1. Add a crocodile. Surely, there must be a crocodile in Africa who deserves the Pond all to himself (or herself). And one crocodile alone can't eat all the animals at the watering hole, but can provide enough drama for young kids everywhere to ask, Why Why Why is nature so cruel? The crocodile will certainly get lonely. So...

2. Add another crocodile. Two crocs will liven up the action at the Pond. Better yet, choose two crocs of the same sex.

3. And another crocodile. Different sex this time. Imagine the mating conflicts.

4. Send Steve Irwin to the Pond.

5. Put fish in the Pond.

6. Like freshwater piranhas.

7. Put food on the Wildcam.

8. Dress up the Wildcam as an animal least likely to be at the Pond and see what happens.

9. Play a loop of "Anarchy in the U.K." at the Pond. Let the animals play with the Wildcam camera and break it.

10. Give La Mai a grant to allow one homeschooler to visit and research the Pond, complete with luxury hotel stay in Botswana. Let the other homeschooling mums scream "Nepotism!"

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