Erm, mom?

I was gone for coffee with a friend for a couple of hours and when I returned...

A: Oh, mom?
Me: Yes?
A: The Illustrious Community of Photographers ("ICP") called again an hour ago. Why would they call me?
Me: They did? They called?
A: Yeah. Weird.

I do not tell A that I re-submitted our paperwork for the next round of classes that start next week. I remember how they left a similar message last time. They phoned just to let A know he had been rejected.

Me: Um. I dunno. Why not call them back and see what they want?
A: No. I don't want to. I don't like ICP. They suck. They called me last time to diss me.
Me: Okay. But maybe they're calling for something else this time?
A: Mom.
Me: Yes?
A: Did you send in my application again or something?
Me: Um. No?
A: Uh-huh.
Me: Okay. I'll call.

[I dial the number on the voicemail message]

Me: Hello? Mr. Photography Guy? Hi. I am A's mother and um, you called him? Um, he's in bed with a cold and can't talk right now.
MPG: Oh, HI! So you get to be the receptionist today, then?
Me: Yeah. Something like that.
MPG: Great! Well, I am pleased to let you know that A got into the program.
Me: Oh. Oh wow.

[I get the details from MPG. I notice that as I hang up, A is making a face.]

A: You re-applied for me, didn't you?
Me: I re-sent all the same paperwork. Nothing changed. We just tried again was all. Are you okay with that?
A: I'm okay with it.
Me: You sure?
A: Yeah. When do I start?

The moral of the story is...(you fill in the blanks)......

End Scene.


Hornblower said...

...sometimes mother knows best.

So - what group would work for you? Mystery? SciFi? What are you writing? If you're writing general women's fiction, even if it's not true romance, RWA is still a great place to glean info. One of the editors at the conference last weekend was from St Martin's Press. She acquires everything - chick lit, general fiction, women's fiction, romance, romantic suspense, paranormal..... so my point is that RWA pulls a lot of interesting agents & editors. Feel free to e-mail me if you want to chat.

I'm supposed to be packing. Gotta run.

Calletta said...

. . . try, try again.