When I post something potty, I take it down. I decided that I will leave the previous post up for a while.

I am not perfect, and I come from a shaky childhood. I think that it is okay that I acknowledge some stuff from my past from time to time to gauge where I am, and the stuff that makes me who I am. As a mother, as a homeschooling parent, and blogger.

It is amazing what becoming a parent can do for you. For some or maybe for many, it makes one's valuation of life, of the life of one's child/ren, skyrocket so high, in such a humbling way. It prompts so much introspection.

Am I doing this right?
Am I being a good parent?
Am I acting like my mother/father/aunt/uncle?
Am I being a bad parent?
And by the way, how did I get here?

I guess from the responses from my previous post, I am certainly not alone in feeling confused about the parenting that affected me. But I sure as heck know how to lay a better foundation for my child. Lucky thing, him. [insert smile here]

And oh, man, Nappo just farted...

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