"I'm going to quit crew."

It's been a while since A did any strenuous exercise. So I was especially surprised (and pleased) when he made it on the rowing team. Out of 200 kids who participated in the tryouts, A made it on the team of 12 novice boys.

A is having trouble keeping up with the running training.

A: "I have been the last one, twice."
Me: It's okay. Somebody's got to the be the last one jogging up the bridge. You've only just started. If it becomes a serious problem, let's figure something out so you can get some extra running training.
A: "OK."
Me: But if you totally hate the crew team, don't feel like you need to continue or need to do it for me.
A: "OK."

Post-news: A came home the following day and stated that he "really enjoys crew" and reported that he found himself running alongside his teammates, not behind them.

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Anonymous said...

Sam did that at first in fencing, and then just as suddenly turned the corner. I'm sure A will find his groove and really enjoy crew.