What A is reading...

A is reading Garth Nix for pleasure this week. I think. I found this book lying on the floor, on page something or other, with the bookcover removed, which is the way he prefers to read books (I still don't know why).

"Did you know that we have to wear wool when we row on cold days?" No, I didn't know that, A. "Just in case we get wet, so we stay warm. Now I understand why sailors used to knit."

A is currently out doing darkroom duty. He took photographs with two rolls of film and is under the supervision of our friend, Big Time Photographer, developing the negatives. I hear that our friend Big Time Photographer is friends with Big Time Filmmaker, who won a Big Time Award in the south of France last year, and Big Time Filmmaker has been tutoring another friend's teen. So LaMai is plotting for an introduction.

What we do for our kids, I swear.

A needs a math tutor - he loves math, and honestly, I cannot keep up with the seriousness and depth of his math questions. I've resigned myself to being his basic stupid Algebra teacher, and I need a brilliant back up. I spoke to a math tutor on the phone two days ago, on referral, and he seems to fit the bill. He loves teaching homeschool students. Plus, he lives in the hippest part of town, next to that bar where I spotted Sean Lennon (sans his mother Yoko). So A can do lessons in that neighborhood's classroom space while I run off and have a martini and some good pommes frites. It's a win-win situation.

A finished knitting his last wool cap and sent it off to his 94-year-old great-grandmother in Florida. I thought that was funny. She loved it.

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