Mom, read this about Ansel Adams...

So A received his camera this week, and got to work straightaway taking photographs. It's nice to watch a child's transition in visual acuity when he suddenly says, "Wow, that would make a good photograph."

And then, The Photographers and their bodies of work. Henri Cartier-Bresson. Ansel Adams. Annie Leibovitz. Doisneau. Avedon. And on. And on. After some time on the computer, A blurted out, "Ansel Adams left school!"

According to Wikipedia: "Adams disliked the uniformity of the education system and left school in 1915 to educate himself. He originally trained himself as a pianist, but Yosemite and the camera diverted his interest toward photography. He later met his future wife, Virginia Best, in Yosemite. She was known to be particularly camera shy. Adams long alternated between a career as a concert pianist and one as a photographer."

Ah. Well that explains a lot, doesn't it?

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