Sometimes, my head hurts.

I woke up to the sounds of clank-clank-clanking outside my window this morning. Someone was working on wielding metal bars? attempting to rip apart his car into scrap? pole-clanking? long enough to make a difference in my sleep pattern. I woke up with a terrible ache.

The Advil did not help, and I could not teach. A worked alone on his math.

A is plugging along with his math. He has figured out the number of lessons per month (20) he needs to complete to finish the Saxon Algebra book by summer. I think he can do it, and I am too happy to coach him along. Yes, that's right. Coach. As in, little work for me, but lots of motivation for you. Because I can. And maybe because we now have a math tutor.

A's photography program materials arrived in the mail today. It's official. It's exciting. He smiled the whole time.

Last night, we watched Good Night, And Good Luck on DVD. What a brilliant film. A lesson in journalism and politics and civics, all rolled into one, packaged in beautiful and poignant cinematography. A asked me a lot of questions, post-film viewing. Is McCarthy dead? Yes, hepatitis. He drank himself to death. Is Murrrow dead? Yes, lung cancer [see film]. Liberace was gay? Um...[see film interview - it's good]. Is Paley dead? No idea. But I met a Paley last year, which was cool . Does ALCOA still make commercials? What happened to Fred Friendly? What about Robert Downey Jr.'s character? Okay, now! Now it is time for you to start looking up that stuff yourself!


Calletta said...

William S. Paley? The broadcaster? Yes, he's deceased.


Having a degree in television and film, I recall spending a lot of time learing about Paley. . .

la Maitresse said...

Too many awards, there! Thanks Calletta!