Lux Permanet

Who is Lux Permanet? Someone who has their s&^*t together and is thus more intelligent than me, but who reads my blog anyway. Which is nice.


Anonymous said...

Oh the irony! I was just showing your blog to Jamie last week and saying, "See how cool she is? She lives in NYC and has a cool job! She goes out to listen to real music! Her son does cool stuff and really studies! I want her life."

Thanks for the compliment. I needed that today, if you've read my latest post. For the record, I am a former classical homeschooler (now afterschooler) and I've been reading your blog for about 6 months. Sorry I haven't de-lurked previously! I found you through Alaska, I think?


la Maitresse said...

Ah, mutual admiration is a beautiful thing...

And I need to start offering medals or girl scout patches to those who de-lurk! ; )