Almost there...

I am finalizing the last of the loose ends for A's b-m. I am exhausted. I clearly needed a b-m planner. "Yes, hello, I am having a b-m, and the relief factor after having it should be quite high. How much do you charge?"

I have snagged Zana Briski's help for the do-good portion of it. Again, my life is so weird, if you, dear reader, know the back story. Weirder still is that she was able to contribute in some small way via Kids With Cameras.


- Stage setup with equipment and engineer: check.
- Sitar player: check.
- Punk band with two members from the original Blondie line-up: check.
- Vegetarian food: check.
- Photo exhibits for charity: Half-check (A is still printing photos).
- Off-off Broadway tix for friends from Miami: check.
- Tallit, kippot and normal judaica that goes with the b-m: erm...will do shopping tomorrow. I always leave out the essentials for last. Meh.

Since my mind has clearly turned to mush as is evident by my lack of blogging activity, kindly visit any blogger who is in the sidebar to the right of here, and don't forget to visit Lynne and Road Schola. Her photos from Australia are too cool.

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