Sitar Man

I am learning that A's sitar teacher, who performed at A's b-m, is becoming a fast friend of our tiny family.

He is muslim, and he does not mind when we ask him questions about his religion, about his family's flight from Delhi to Karachi when India won its independence, about that other instrument his family created tablature for, the tabla, Zakir Hussain, and of course, our pestering questions about his teacher, Pundit Ravi Shankar.

Then toward the end of the lesson, he announced to A:

"If you keep this up, I would like you to play with me, when I go to my country for my annual concert."

We nearly died, both me and A. We have been talking about India for months and months, and a stop in Pakistan for a performance...good grief. Are we dreaming?

Today, we shared a picnic with some friends in Central Park for a little over an hour. Then A took off for rowing.

Then I found this on Sarto's site, also spotted in the Park, several days ago. Candidate for me? Hmmm?

Just kidding.


Princess Ennui said...

Um. Hello yes. I choose that fine specimen for you. When will you be picking him up?

And then there's always holding out hope for Captain Jack Sparrow.

S Bent said...

That's an amazing opportunity.

Both India and the man in the park.