Good evening bloggy audience...

My brain is mush.

Mush. Mush. Mush.

Too. Much. Planning. Organizing. E-ticket purchasing. House cleaning. Shopping. Rehearsing. Editing. Re-rehearsing.

May I please be released from b-m duty? Thank you.


jo said...

Dear La Mai,

You are doing an extraordinary job - parenting, homeschooling, organising major social events, making the parks of NY safe all on your lonesome. I'm exhausted just reading your blog. Sit down. Cup of chammomile. Breathe. Now breathe again. Mushy brain perfectly understandable. Take heart from the thought that there are a lot of readers out here in bloggy-land who find your thoughts important and inspiring and that we are here with you, in an insubstantial, but sincere bloggy kind of way. Breathe.

la Maitresse said...

heh. thanks.