Photo I graduates

There were photos. There were speeches. There were "thank you"s. There were drinks, cupcakes, cookies and chips.

And then there were tears.

I did not realize how much the students at ICP bonded until one student -- a not-quite outed feminine guy student, whose sense of humor was hilariously evident in his speech that left both students and parents rolling in their seats -- allowed tears to well up when the students finally had to part at the end of the day. I felt for him. His mother arrived for the exhibit and speeches, but she did not seem (to me) really interested in what her son was doing. She was just there. And let me tell you, the kid's photos were pretty amazing.

Each student had photos picked for the school's archives; Alex had three chosen out of seven. I was immensely proud of him. Particularly as he printed and exhibited photos that I had not even seen before. "He's a beautiful printer," his photo teacher told me.

We had pesto and portobello mushroom pizza for dinner.

A friend of ours in Brooklyn has an enlarger and darkroom kit she needs to rid herself of, that I think we should adopt. It should keep A busy until Photography II this fall.

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Heidi said...

Congratulations, A.