Partner. Parent.

Thanks to a bloggy reader here who provided a link to an article about homeschooling recently, I contacted Partners with Parents for homeschooling support. PWP provides in-home tutoring for a myriad of subjects, including - dun dun DUN - Latin! I spoke to our first PWP tutor on the phone today. She sounded so much like me that I nearly laughed about it while speaking with her: "Hi! I'm a Biology and English major! I am teaching a science class to minority girls! I want to be a teacher!" She really sounded competent and sweet.

I also e-mailed Wendy, another homeschooling blogger, about adoption issues. I am considering it, and am happy that I am.

I spoke to my documentary filmmaker friend about someone I met recently at her film screening at Tribeca Film Festival. The person invited me out, but before we even got a chance to meet, he suddenly received some bad familial news, and I never heard from him again. "Send him a follow-up e-mail," she told me. OK. I figured two months have passed, why not? I am getting calls and invitations from men who are really, erm, not my type, so why not e-mail someone who might be more my type? So I took a deep breath, and did. A day passed. Nothing. Another day passed. Nothing. Fine. I'll forget the whole idea. After four days, I hear from Mr. Man. "Things are so hectic on my end, LaMai, I'll contact you as soon as things free up." I took it as a rejection. "No, that's a normal response," said my documentary filmmaker friend. "He's busy filming."

I don't know.

Another Man on whom I bestow a crush, is too famous for me. So I tell myself. My friends have egged me on to contact him. "If he didn't have a girlfriend, it might actually work. Don't you know that?" they say. Maybe I know that. I have his home phone number. I have called, what with some dreamt-up ulterior motive that has to do with photography and...um...saving the integrity of New York. With music. I hear his voice on the answering machine. I hang up.

I did that twice.


Wendy said...

I'm so excited for your plans to adopt. :-)

la Maitresse said...

I am, too, Wendy! I am in the beginner-beginner phase right now, though. There is so much to learn, much research to do...and I will be attending a workshop/seminar given by a single adopting mama, in two weeks.

wendy said...

Good for you! :-) I look forward to following your journey.