6 Train reader

Today, Alexander chose for his free reading a book from an old pile of my dusty Classics literature. It is Herodotus: The Histories. Because this is our first year in classical homeschooling, we are beginning where we should: Page One of The Kingfisher History Encyclopaedia, while our structured English reading gently prods Alexander to the greatness of the Classics. I did not expect him to pick the heavy and massive oeuvre that are The Histories. Luckily, he does not know how heavy and massive they are.

At least, not yet.

Free reading is part of Alexander's delight-led learning. I will not stop him. Not even as subway passengers on the 6 Train peer into the pages that Alexander is reading, and he, enthralled in the goings-on at Thermopylae, is oblivious to their raised eyebrows.

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