research, research

A has officially been assigned a real scientific research paper. For a real scientific study, overseen and funded by a real scientific foundation.

He has also been invited to a faculty dinner to join the other science people for whom he is writing his paper. I have not been invited to said faculty dinner. Somehow, I am not bothered by this. ; )

What is cool is that A is learning how to cite his research sources. Man, how come I did not learn that when I was 11 years old?

A's Writing Strands work is coming along great. We are on Level 3. The school A previously attended held "publishing parties" where students' works were critiqued and displayed for all to see, and celebrated in a classroom. I am thinking that perhaps we should do the same, only use iUniverse.com to compile his writings and officially be "published."

No feedback from anyone involving incorporating a homeschool! C'mon folks, let's discuss! It's tax time, no?

A has two tests tomorrow, Wednesday. One in Latin and the other in History. I traveled a little too much today, hung out with a friend at Miramax who had an umbrella to give me. I stayed hoping to spot Harvey Weinstein, and am now thoroughly pooped.

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