cough, cough

My cold fluctuates from "getting better" to "just awful."

I realized today that in my haste to send out The Packet to the Region ...offices, I left the "Health" section blank on the Quarterly Evaluation, and without explanation. Earlier last week, I had a conversation with my region's Homeschooling Coordinator.

"What is 'Health?'" I queried, "I mean, what does the Region like to see taught under the subject "Health"?"

The Homeschooling Coordinator replied, "Oh, I don't know. Why not go to the library and find a good book about health and see what you find."


And so, I left the Quarterly Report totally blank in the "Health" box. By mistake. Would I toy with my son's education? Of course not. But The Packet with my Quarterly Report is now sitting somewhere in that Gotham Monolith that is the NYC Board of Education Region ... Building. Gasp. I am certain to get regular nightmares until I send out another Report, with something on "Health" that does not include my son raiding the condom section of the home medicine cabinet.

I also realized that I had not been keeping good record sheets, either. I file tests and quizzes and other work by subject in a file portfolio. When I prepared the Report, I tallied up the scores, typed them up, and out they went. Ugh. I am such an amateur. Last night I wrote down every score Alexander has received, neatly into our Record Keeper. I am now up to date.


cough, cough.

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