I've noticed a pattern of questioning when people - strangers in particular - find out that A is schooled at home.

Q: "You homeschool him? You are a teacher?"
A: "Yes. And yes. I teach most of his subjects, but I am not his only teacher."
Q: "He studies at home?"
A: "Well, yes, but not all of the time. Homeschooling can be a misnomer as we're constantly doing stuff outdoors or in the lab or in museums, (blah, blah)."
Q: "So, you homeschool him?"
A: [sigh] "Yes!"

Why do people feel the need to ask me more than once if I homeschool my own child? Sheesh. Interestingly, I did not get that type of questioning from my entertainment law professor when I told her that A is homeschooled.

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