Getting In

Tonight I attended an exhibit opening in New Jersey. New Jersey. I might as well have gone to California.

Funny how the universe surprises me by sending fellow human beings to me in the form of bumping. Bump! "Oooooh! Could you tell me if I look....ah....drunk?" She was a very cute Chilean woman but my first impression was "ditzy."

We were at the "bar." I directed the bartender to hold off on her Chardonnay. "Make it 1/4 the alcohol, give her sparkling water for the rest." I found out she was not ditzy, but adorable. Could I have you as a sister? She went to my Big Name School (BNS) for undergrad, then went on to The Bigger Name School for her MBA. "You went WHERE?" I asked. "Yeah! It's true! They tend to admit on the risky side! My GMAT scores were really iffy!" she asserted.

So, I could have had a crimson thingy on my wall?

Then, The Question: "So, what do you do?" This has been difficult for me to answer of late. See, I go to a Big Name School (BNS). But I've advised my BNS that I need some time off to school Alexander. Very difficult move, as I am a new admit. But I am where I want to be. I also applied to a BNS in London, and have been accepted there. So what am I? Mother? Educator? Law student? what?


"I am a law student. And I homeschool my son. It's really a great time for me."
"Really? People homeschool in Manhattan?"
"Why yes."
Why yes. Yes, we applied to six private schools last year, and got in nowhere. Alexander's fencing colleague is a Junior Olympian. She did not get into a single school she applied to, either.

Thank goodness we got in "nowhere." We got home. I have no regrets.

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