"Achilles is cool."

Actual quote by A this morning.

Now, would it not be cool if kids and teens everywhere had Greek heroes as their heroes?

I am envisioning an East Los Angeles where Greek gods and heroes have taken over:

[Teens standing over a brew over a fire. All kinds of paraphernalia abound]

Teen No. 1: "Yo, man, by the power of Pallas Athena, you know drugs ain't cool. Don't doooo it, man."
Teen No. 2: "No, man, wachoo talkin' 'bout? I ain't doin' drugs. I'm makin' an aphrodisiac to please the gods."
Teen No. 1: "Wow, man, das so cool. Skool, skool. Now I gotta make an aphrodisiac too, man, yo. I'll make it for Zeus. Or Superfriends or som'thin'. Wonder Woman hangs out with goddesses, right? Anyway, yo, you can't show me up doin' stuff that ain't for Zeus and Wonder Woman, y'know."
Teen No. 2: "Skool, skool."

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