the passion (starring Monica Bellucci)

You will be glad to know that I have no opinion to share regarding Mel Gibson's latest celluloid endeavor. It is not that I do not have an opinion (mais non!) on the matter; I just believe that religion and politics and the kama sutra are the biggest conversation killers in the United States today. Thus, the twain shall stop here.

A visited his buddies, Manet, Renoir, Cezanne, Gauguin, Monet, Seurat et al., at the Met Museum today. Catherine took charge of Impressionisme day. She did an excellent job. An excerpt from A's blog:

"Today I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with my French teacher Catherine. We went there to go look at Impressionist paintings by Impressionist painters. We went to the 19th century gallery. There were paintings by Van Gogh, Monet, Cezanne, Manet, Seurat, etc. If you look at all the different pieces of Impressionist paintings by the artists you can tell that each artist painted differently.

For example, Van Gogh would paint more with curves.

Monet would paint of things that were always outside and that his paintings were very well done that he didn't need to draw the sun's reflection on the water to show that it was outside.

Seurat would paint with small dabs with the brush, or should I say dots of colors.

Renoir would paint things outside, like the country side of France, and of rich people. Well, I wouldn't say "Rich people" but more to express the outer side of people.

Edgar Degas would paint ballet subjects and also just people.

Paul Cezanne painted things lightly in a way.

Gauguin would paint things with boundaries using black and the people he would paint would be kind of "big" looking but looking more with strength."

Pre-Latin Exam test for A tonight. Yes, I am nervous.

[Edit everything about the backgammon thing: Male friend actually purchased a nice backgammon board for me!]

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