Danny Pearl and African-American History, among other things

Within the context of African-American history, a mention about another intolerance and hatred is in order. February 21st is the second anniversary of Danny Pearl's death (it is actually the date on which the murder was made known). I invite you all to read Dr. and Mrs. Pearl's message written only two days ago.

There are many incredible people on this planet who faced their oppressors with genuine integrity. It really is the best "revenge" to combat poor understanding and hatred of each other - with understanding and integrity (that does not mean NO punishment for people who commit evil to innocent people, mind you).

As a parent, I feel obliged to teach my son the brand of courage that Danny's parents have shown. Here in the Maitresse household, we have an open door through which muslims, buddhists, catholics, agnostics, jews, hindus, blacks, whites, hispanics and asians have entered our lives. Lately we've befriended the Sikhs at the local Punjabi deli. It is a 24-hour deli where Sikh cab drivers get decent vegetarian food in an environment in which they are familiar. I think very soon I will know every single Sikh cabbie in New York. And they me.

This month, do what works for you.
History books are good. Knowledge of history, coupled with practical understanding, is better.
In case you're wondering, I plan on eating some soul food in Harlem tonight after visiting the African-American history museum in the same neighborhood.

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