Only in Manhattan

[Scene this morning in the laundry room in the basement of my building. Panavision camera equipment everywhere. Big nondescript grey cylindrical containers now stand where the "Downy" softener rack normally sits. Black canvas directors chairs with gold "Law & Order" lettering on the backs of each of the chairs. ]

I see a middle-aged man quietly reading today's newspaper at the laundry folding table.

Me: "Excuse me. Are you doing your laundry or are you with 'Law & Order'?"
Him: "Law & Order."
Me: "Oh. Erm...Does that mean that we don't have access to the laundry room today?"
Him: "I don't care if you do what you gotta do."
Me: "OK. Thanks."

Last time a film crew took over my building, it was to shoot a movie on the green, and Robin Williams stayed for a week. But it is the first time Law & Order have set up camp in the laundry room.

I have a gut feeling that I know where Alexander will be taking his lesson breaks today.

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