Closer Than Ever to Zero

I am exhausted.

The last couple of days have been a trying test in figuring out the bureaucracies of the police department, the ASPCA, learning that cops love when you say that you know real live people on "Animal Precinct" to which said cops will respond with a wide-eyed, "Really?!!" only to be disappointed to learn that you know this because what they are claiming the ASPCA can do is actually something that the ASPCA cannot do, the civil court, the New York City Department of Health, and the synapses between my cerebral neurons.

Napoleon has been sleeping a lot. He is as fine as is caninely possible. Thank you, everybody, for your kind words.

Alexander and his team had a rowing race today against the Bucolic Campus School for Brainiacs. It was cold and rainy. A's team did very very well. None of the kids seemed to mind the weather.

And it is Earth Day today. I know this because random people on the street handed us Google Earth Day tote bags, and someone offered to align A's chakras for free.

Going to nap now. Will post later.

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