Goddard College Homeschool Program

Goddard College in Vermont has a program for homeschoolers with a residency requirement of three (3) days!


Undergraduate Program for Homeschoolers

The Undergraduate Program for Homeschoolers at Goddard offers young people, ages 14-19, who have learned independently outside of schools, an opportunity to begin earning college credit while continuing to learn in a self-directed style. Students design their own courses in collaboration with a faculty advisor, and may choose one or two 3-credit courses per semester.

Each semester begins with a weekend residency (Friday morning through Sunday afternoon). In 2006 residencies will be held March 3-5 and September 8-10. Students develop their semester study plans at the residency, and attend workshops on topics such as academic writing, library research, critical reflection, and areas of special interest. There will also be time for socializing and informal discussions with peers and faculty members. Students under the age of 18 will be required to be accompanied to the residency by a parent.

Following the residency, students engage in a 12-week semester. According to their study plans, which explicitly list each student�s particular learning goals, students send regular packets containing their particular work to their faculty advisor, who responds with detailed comments and suggestions.

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Becky said...

Oh. my. stars. I am hatching a plan as we speak, and it involves us spending the summer in my beloved Vermont, down the road (well, sort of) from my alma mater (Middlebury), while one or more of our hs'ed kids attend the Goddard Program! Definite food for thought. I may yet get to live in Vt. again...