Overheard at the Tribeca Film Festival...

[standing outside the cinema in front of big SUV limo, while Marky Ramone, CJ Ramone, and others are leaving, LaMai desperately tries to settle something that's been bugging her]

Me: I just wanna know something.
SVZ: Yeah?
Me: Do you hate me?
SVZ: Huh?
Me: Do you hate me? After putting you through all the CBGB's stuff.
SVZ: No, I don't hate you. I don't like to lose a fight, though.
Me: Well, it's not over.
SVZ: And my hands were tied. I just don't like to lose a fight. I've never EVER lost a fight before. I fight and I win.
Me: It's not over, though. So I just want to know that you don't hate me?
SVZ: No. No, I don't hate you. Of course not.
Me: Okay. Good. Get home safely.

[Bobby Funaro, who plays another character on the Sopranos, is standing by, listening to all this. And yes, you have to decipher the initials for yourself because this stuff is searchable on Google]

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Anonymous said...

You *talk* to Steven Van Zant????? And you hang with the surviving Ramones????

Can we switch lives for just a little while, pleeeeeze? ;-)